Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dusting things off

Well it's about time I did some shoe making. It can be very demoralising to tell someone that's your profession, and then when they look down and inevitably ask, 'did you make those?' , you end up saying, ' not these ones, but I have so many plans to make more shoes' .

It just doesn't cut it.

So I've pulled out a bunch of lasts to finally make these patent floral sneeks on, hence the comfortable round toe. I have had these uppers sewn up for a while now, and embarrassingly there is dust a-gathering in the pinking.

I tell you, last storage is a pain in the proverbial posterior. They are heavy, dusty, hurt if you drop them on toes, and you need so darn many of them - a pair for each size! Lord have mercy.

Quite often, no matter how much you've measured feet, no matter how many times you've lasted pairs of shoes, you can still get it wrong somehow and the damn things don't fit. Better to be too big than too small though.

How are you enjoying the colour changes? Do let me know if it's too hard to read, I'm loving the red titles though!

1 comment:

paula said...

hey neighbour
just a brief note of approval of the 'emmafying' of the colour scheme.
we will line the street and cheer when we see you coming in your new sneekers...