Sunday, July 13, 2008

Artists at work

This image is of a sculpture called Pieta, by a Melbourne artist, Sam Jinks. It is mindblowing in its detail, and also in the emotion that is both captured and generated by this piece. Sam renders the human form in all its beauty and normality, unflinching in showing the details which most of us would like to hide, erase or change.

Sam Jinks is also my partner, and so I live with these works in some way. Sam is an absolute perfectionist, and lately he has been working 7 days a week, leading up to the Melbourne Art Fair, and also a solo show later in the year at Karen Woodbury Gallery. Being an artist's wife/partner is a mixed blessing, obviously we are both creative, and so we speak a similar language.

However, the drive of an artist like Sam is hard to compete with, and my time for creativity is fought for, tooth and nail. Being Leo's Mum is my most creative task, but to have the time to be at the bench making my own work, really does give me so much satisfaction.

I am a bit grumpy today as it's Sunday, and Sam is at his studio AGAIN. In reference to the previous post I feel all parented out, and wish I could just be selfish and block it all out in favour of my work. I tend not to work much when Leo is at home, I work mainly when he's at Kinder or on a playdate. I have tried to work with him around, and basically have to ignore him in order to get anything done, which is absolutely not fair on him, and breaks my heart.

In today's Age there is a piece on Rebecca Miller; painter, author, director and wife of Daniel Day Lewis, and it really struck a chord with me. She speaks of the loss of identity associated with being the wife/partner of an artist, and of her personal struggle with raising kids, being supportive and ultimately being creative.

Am off to plant daffodil bulbs, and gorge myself on Venetian biscuits and cups of tea. Testify!

Listening to Sunday Sessions on PBS


pen said...

most be something in the air for Sunday Angst- you are not the only one at the moment
I've been flat as a tack lately and have had teary friends ringing with the old complaints of money/studio time/satisfaction/etc
July blues?
let's hope that is it!
chin up (that way you can see the stars)

Samantha said...

thats so funny, I'm Melbourne Art Fair obsessed at the moment - can't wait to see Sam's new work - pity its at your expense though!

ps your blog is great~!

Bird Bath said...

You sound like a very supportive mum and partner...I think we all have times where we need to spend time with our selves - to re energise and continue to support those we care about. hope you find your time.

Unknown said...

the art fair was pretty overwhelming... so much energy, so many focussed people in their bubbles. i understand what you are saying. sometimes this balance is impossible - trust me i know...