Friday, October 10, 2008

If I was a rich girl.....

As I mentioned a few posts back, Craft Vic have a great show on at the mo. What I didn't know, until attending during the week , is that it's my favourite CV show ever!

When I walked into Gallery 2 and saw Stephen Gallagher's work I involuntarily said 'word!' which in my vernacular is reserved for impulsive old-school utterances of sheer pleasure. Everything about it is my favourite: the boombastic brooches, (seriously they are HUGE), the Elizabethan courtiers wearing the jewels are right up my alley, check them out in the images below. Apparently upon purchase of any of these jewels you also get to take home the languid courtier - bonus!

The ever-so-clever Anna Davern has raided the op-shops for old tins and trays, and produced a number of pieces which use silhouettes and overlays, and make reference to cultural and national identity. There were quite a few red dots present, so get in quick.
To top it all off, in Gallery 1 Irene of Iggy and Lou Lou has 12 skulls lined up as lovely objects, all with different surface decoration and cut-outs. She has used decals/transfers to cover the exterior and sometimes the interior of each piece, also automotive paints, and lush metallic glazes.

On the wall separating the spaces is an installation of tiny ceramic bears, oozing gold glaze from their bodies like melted chocolate. There are possibly 40 or 50 bears, all for individual sale, and too cute to resist.

I left CV that day feeling like life is so amazing, the opportunity to see these works is a real shot in the arm of creativity for me. The show is on till the 25th October.

Listening to: Cricket-India vs Australia in Bangalore on 774 ABC
Yes I am a bit of a cricket tragic, it has snuck (sp?) up on me over the years. I used to be madly into it as a kid, my Dad had all the Wisdens on the bookshelf and he still produces amazing and somewhat irrelevant factoids about the game. I just love listening to it on the radio, it's like being near the ocean, somehow rhythmic and soothing.


MjB said...

Wow. I love calaveras :)

Do you have Yuyi Morales children book "Just A Minute"? Peop it. Great stuff :)

captainmelancholic said...

thanks that you like my work regards stephen