Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crifiss Projects

(My boy calls Christmas 'Crifiss', and I have taken to this new word aswell.)
We have a pair of long-awaited Robot sandals on the go, I am incredibly alarmed at the range of (or lack thereof) boy's sandals out there at the moment, all horrible, plus he is a fuss pot and we never agree on what he is allowed to get from 'the shops'.

He does have a pair of hideous Croc-esque sandals that I turned a blind eye to on a purchasing mission lately, but I have decided that they have to go, and so hence the fabulous all leather, handmade with love, a little bit too big so they can be worn next summer Robot sandals.

I hope that I haven't made the uppers too complicated, I keep whispering the mantra 'keep it simple stupid', but sometimes more is more. We'll see how it goes when I get the pattern off the last. Expect to hear frustrated growls.

The beau has a belt that was worn by a soldier in WWII, it is losing its tail and there's not much left to buckle into. So this afternoon I whipped up a new one, no historic provenance but I can make up a suitable story, I hope this one lasts another 70-odd years. It's been shonkily wrapped and stashed under the tree - shhh!

OK, I'm outing myself here, I am still in the throes of a cross stitch addiction, wondering when it will stop, presumably when I get RSI and have to go cold turkey. This is another kit, I believe the finished design is of bells, holly, a trumpet and some jaunty musical notes. It comes with a cute red plastic frame and can be hung on one's tree - how apt.
I must say that the embroidery hoop makes such a difference when stitching, even when the supplied canvas doesn't quite reach the sides! I have tacked mine on and it is just dandy.

Listening to: Panthalassa - The music of Miles Davis remixed by Bill Laswell


pen said...

i'm waiting for some cross stitched shoes!
exhibition coming up i believe!

Healing Naturaly said...

I'm always amazed with your fantastic skills I wish a could make shoes too.