Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You cain't always get what you want

Well you can get what you want, if they are of the leather Xmas decoration category, at Meet me at Mike's and Craft Vic.

Michi was spruiking my wares in spirit, but sent out Monday's forecast on Tuesday aswell, hence my in-the-archives-but-not-seen-by-7000+ subscribers version.

Oh well, Michi have been good to me this year, may they all have some R&R over Xmas.

PS. The photo is taken at Craft Vic, not Mike's

Listening to: Aretha Franklin - Sparkle


meetmeatmikes said...

I spy you in the new Frankie too!

earl and cookie said...

ooh miss Pip is a speedy gonzales! yes i saw your shoe in Frankie too! fantastic