Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An embarrassment of riches

Upon arriving home from another Adelaide sojourn, I discovered a number of postal treats, which are in the above photo amidst my op-shop haul. Lots of Finnish stamps from Ulla, a book about making slippers from Naomi, and I have also been blessed with the guardianship of my friend Arthur's stamp album, which he started when he was about 6! Thanks to all who have sent treats, oh and Jess too!
An embarrassment of riches applies to many things I have encountered lately; the op-shop near my Mum in Adelaide is always full of tea towels, doilies, kids books and craft books, another op-shop in Hawthorn supplied the cane basket.
Adelaide's sporting calendar was also rather spoilt, I spent days racing about the hills getting vantage points from which to see the Tour Down Under riders, lithe hairless men who whizz by with the faint aroma of fresh lycra and deodorant. Finally on my 3rd day I managed to spot Mr Lance Armstrong in the peloton, only by remembering to look for the guy with the black socks. For your information his new training regime seemed to consist of chatting casually as he climbed the hills, I guess he has some catching up to do!
The South African cricket team seems to have an embarrassment of riches, I attended the Australia Day match at the Adelaide Oval (just call me Sporty Spice), and the game was far from competitive. It was damn hot, an elderly lady sitting behind me passed out and had to be taken to an airconditioned recovery area.
As for the weather, I apologise for bringing Soth Australia's heat with me. If it's any consolation they are having 42 degrees today in Adelaide, just one more than us. Am feeling mighty sorry for those tennis players, hope their paychecks covers them for the gallons of sweat they'll be losing.

Another spectrum - paddle boats on the River Torrens on my way to Adelaide Oval.
Listening to: Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Ever - Please learn some manners, Bananas!

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Rachel Power said...

Congrats on the plug in Frankie, Emma! I have my heart set on a floral pair. Just saving my pennies now...