Monday, January 12, 2009

On my bedside table

Hello my name is Emma and I'm a Star Wars addict from way back.
It all started when Dad took me to see Episode IV in 1977 when I was 3 years old, and now it turns out my 4 year old son is just as keen as I am. In fact all of my Star Wars books, trading cards, movies, trivial pursuit etc, he considers to be his, and when Santa brought him a giant Jedi Gunship for Xmas, I couldn't help but think that the jolly man was thinking of me too.

As a treat to myself I recently acquired this book, 'The art of Star Wars Episode II -Attack of the Clones', and have been thoroughly immersed in each page of stunning artwork.
'For more than twenty-five years, the visual brilliance of the Star Wars films has captivated audiences far and wide. From lush worlds to intricate landscapes, from lavish costumes to amazing creatures, the design artists have pioneered the technological revolution and given dazzling life to Star Wars' unique sense of wonder.'

I'm not going to detail each image selected here, that would be entirely too nerdy, but you get an idea of the imagination of all these talented folks. I love seeing the pencil sketches, pure line becoming more and more fleshed out, resulting in evocative digital paintings. Many backgrounds for the original trilogy were matte paintings done by the brilliant Ralph McQuarrie, and that approach has remained a valuable tool for creating worlds and scenes for each movie since.

In another life I might have been a costume designer, or an industrial designer, with a huge selection of Pantone markers and sharp pencils. Oh wait, now it's all Illustrator and Photoshop, damn, I need to get back in time to suit my luddite/technophobe philosphy.....

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