Thursday, January 1, 2009

On My Desk

Well on my wall really, various heels, rolls of leather thonging, baby shoes, Leo's foot as a baby, and some serious belt buckles and hardware.

Leo's Robot sandals pattern. I am up to the frustrated growling stage, and am starting to make it up as I go along. Most of it is straight forward but a few details are impossible to make the way I have drawn them, so I'm tailoring the pattern as I go.
There are many different methods of patternmaking, I learned about three methods which I usually combine in an ad-hoc way that (almost) makes sense only to me.

Onto some glue sniffing - every now and then you need to tint your glue. Some shoes have a black or brown edge on the sole, instead of a natural colour, and in these circumstances black glue is much better than yellow, which is how my glue comes in the can.

So off to the stash of old jars, pour some yellow glue in and then a splash of raven oil, be very careful not to spill or even get any drops of this stuff anywhere, it stains rather well. Mix glue and voila - black glue.

Listening to: Electric beaters creaming butter and sugar, we're making chocolate banana cake!

PS. My inaugural survey has now finished, and I conclude that we are indeed sick of bloody gladiator sandals, with a whopping 92 % majority. There you go.

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