Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Any takers?

We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic folk who would like to experience the sport, art and culture that is Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art, which combines ritual, self-defence, strength, acrobatics and music.
You don't need to be a super-fit gymnast to play, there is room for all body sizes and strengths. In fact I'm very pleased to say that 3 of us are Mums to young kids. We train in Richmond 3 times a week, and I cannot say enough kind words about Lorem, our teacher, he is a real gem, and quite handsome too!

Call Lorem on 0422 979 782 or visit Muzenza
Here's some footage of Mestre Goioere and Vira Lata in the roda, Lorem is the one on the atabaque (big standing drum)

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Anonymous said...

dont forget Dads practising capoeira. One day soon I might make it to 2 classes in a month