Friday, February 6, 2009

Current obsession - Tsumami hanzashi

My fabulous friend Jo in Tokyo sent me a copy of Kimono-hime (kimono princess) magazine recently, and so now all I want to do is be a geisha. I have always loved kimono, tatami thongs, chinese and japanese patterns, and oriental umbrellas, but now that my hair is getting a bit longer I am playing dress ups too.
These hair ornaments, tsumami hanzashi (pinched hairpin), are traditionally produced by master craftspeople, a practice of working which is close to my heart.

This one is from Atelier Kanawa. Apparently the longer the fluttery bits, the more junior/youthful the maiko (apprentice geiko).

This image is from Mboogiedown-japan.

How about these geta! 30 cm high, and a traditional way of walking in a figure eight when wearing these ceremonial shoes.

Listening to: Koto and Shakuhachi


Beth said...

Those shoes look rather hazardous!! Crazy!

MjB said...

I love those hair accessories. I would wear them in a heartbeat!