Thursday, February 26, 2009

On my bedside table

This is a sumptuous feast of a book, 'exploring the life and work of this remarkable artist, and includes over 200 illustrations, many of which have never been seen before. In this delightful account, former Penguin publisher Julie Watts looks closely at what went on behind the making of each of his books, as well as the creation of his musical and screen works.'

'Graeme Base's lively reflections, taken from his extensive interviews for this book, and his caption commentaries on each illustration will immensely enrich readers' understanding of how he creates his imaginary worlds.'

I have been enjoying the works of Graeme Base since I was in High School, and now re-reading them as a parent, I am noticing details I missed the first time around. Perhaps the insight I now have from this amazing book has opened my eyes up to other puzzles, hidden codes within borders, there are so many layers to his illustrations.

Just before Xmas Leo and I were lucky to attend an exhibition of Graeme Base's work at MARS Gallery in Port Melbourne. All the works were originals, ranging in size, some ornately framed, some simply done, all beautiful, many sold, in fact he doesn't have many originals left - the Animalia illustrations were apparently sold to pay the rent back in the day!

Stamps! I have some of these, and I didn't even know it was Mr Base's work!

Before and after - the feast from 'The Eleventh Hour'.

Leo's favourite-the truckbugs from 'Truckdogs'.

Gorgeous pencil work; composition, expression, scale, A plus. From 'Jungle Drums'.

Beautiful Japanese Butterfly Lizard, from 'The Discovery of Dragons'.