Thursday, April 16, 2009

Works in progress

Have been taking advantage of a visiting Granny, and hiding out in the studio while the boy is still on kinder holidays. It is still a little bit hard to concentrate with all the sandpit action and frequent visits, but I have some new belts on the go, so I must be doing more than just drinking tea and listening to the radio!

I'm also doing a bit of procrastinating regarding imminent pattern making, I have 2 lasts taped up and ready to go, but I keep putting it off. I think the bank balance would suggest I get right to it and finish the damn shoes. We are employing a few cost cutting measures around here, instead of buying some of my favourite magazines, I'm borrowing them at the library! It's quite lovely, I'm not one of those piles of magazines that I can't bear to throw out kind of people, rather I rip out (from my mags) or colour copy (from the library) the pages that appeal and file them away in specific folders - yes I have Virgo rising if you were wondering.

Another treat that comes with a visiting Granny is that of an evening we have our very own craft night set-up, complete with pot of tea, Easter chocolate, knitting, crochet and embroidery. It's all happening here, we cackle at the same gags in Frasier, are eagerly awaiting tonight's inaugural screening of Mad Men, and curse the cat for wanting to sit on our woolly creations with her marching feet and sharp claws.

Listening to: Wind in the eucalypts; it's rather breezy!

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pen said...

sounds wonderful!