Thursday, May 14, 2009

Making friends

Leo and I spend a lot of time over at Dude Craft, looking at the robots and all the other 3D treats that people are making. I'm astounded by the amount of creativity out there, and I truly feel at home at Dude Craft HQ.

These are Amy Flynn's Fobots, and they really make Leo yell with enthusiasm, "Wow! Look at dose wobots!"

So I wrote Mr Dude Craft an email, saying so, and it turns out I made his day. He even did a post about creative Aussie women, and it seems that we inspire him too. Can you feel the love?
Even more astounding for me was to find that there is a Crochet Dude, and to top it all off a Manbroiderer. No doubt there are even more out there, under various monikers, all I want to say is can we have more boys at crafty night please?

I have felt a bit lonely here in blogland from time to time. I know that Miss Pen Pen will drop by, even as I typed my recent tutorial on hand skiving I set my watch waiting for her comment. I also know from my statcounter how many of you are visiting over the days, just give a girl a hello, I always love to hear from you!


meetmeatmikes said...

I have your dragonflies!

MildlyCrafty said...

Hi Emma! Love your work!

Paul Overton said...

Emma, Thanks for the post. I love what you do! Yesterday, I even thought of Leo when I was posting the animals made out of old tires on DudeCraft. Hope he liked 'em. Here's to a long and lasting virtual friendship.


pen said...

(am I that predictable??)

Penny Nickels said...

I just found you, so you'll be hearing from me A LOT. Also, skiving knives... Yum. I had a couple of beautiful german and french ones from when I was a bookbinder. Your blog gives me tool lust!

Mainichi said...

Em I think my boy has also developed a love of robots....he has a WALL-E addiction at present. Maybe he and Leo can chat about that on Sunday! xD

Unknown said...

That's the spirit!
Pip, we may be in this arvo to visit and pick up dragonflies,
Mildly Crafty it's good to see you again,
Paul, we do indeed love the animal tyre (that's how we spell it) sculptures, cheers to you!
Pen, I just know you love a bit of technical talk,
Penny, please tell me what bookbinders use skiving knives for, I need to know!
Dearne, I'm sure we will talk robots on Sunday, Leo is a bit of an expert, he may bore you to tears, bless the little Asperger man.

Penny Nickels said...

We use them to thin out the edges of the leather, or goat skin, or whatever hide we're using to bind the book in, so it will fold easily and not be crazy bulky.

Yay tools!

What do you do with your leather scraps?

Unknown said...

Penny, my leather scraps are recycled rather thoroughly, either I use them myself or they go off to pre-school with my son.
Glad to know how you're wielding that knife, pretty similar to what I'm doing.

Beck said...

oh you know I love them all, dude craft is a daily habit and crochet man is a particular fave...
how cool that you've started up a virtual craft love in!
you can tell Paul he get's a big 'hello and love your work' from both the ladies at hml.