Monday, May 11, 2009

Wardrobe changeover

It's freaking cold people! Officially time to say goodbye to the summer wardrobe, and so on the weekend I put all those floaty dresses away, and dragged out all my jackets and warm skirts. I have the tiniest clothing rack for a wardrobe, hence the need to keep the seasons separate, but I did get a thrill to see all my coats, and am looking forward to donning them in the coming weeks.

Of course all the sandals have to go into hiding as well, and I made the decision that some are in permanent retirement. What to do with my old shoes? I have real difficulties throwing them away, as the shabby state of my velvet Chinatown slippers will attest to (huge holes in the bottoms, I can't admit that their happy days are over).

Plus I'm a shoemaker, this could all be research and development! I have been known to take old shoes apart, to see what's going on inside, what are Adidas using for ankle padding these days? I wish these kicks were still OK, alas my early days of capoeira were spent in them, and the toes are completely sprung open. Maybe I could turn them into sandals? Someone stop me now... this is getting depressing and I am starting to sound like a hoarder.

It is hard rubbish season over here in the Moreland area (Brunswick/Coburg). I haven't seen too many pairs of old shoes out on the nature strips, but I have narrowly avoided many car accidents as I drive with my head turned to the side, scoping all the heaps of sad old things.

I have brought home a few old green rubbish bins to be used as garden planters, but can report that our own rubbish heap has dwindled day by day, some things reappearing further down the street!

Best crack the ice off my fingers and go out into the freezing studio... will I ever prise the cup of tea from my hands?

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Healing Naturaly said...

i also a gig time collector, should have read it earlier, perhaps it was a good thing I didn't, cose have no room for any thing else.

Love your shoes