Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On my bedside table

The Mighty Boosh how I love thee! Surrealist comedy heroes of ABC TV, Howard Moon and Vince Noir are such a crazy creative pair that I couldn't help but fall for them. How fabulous that they have released this, The Mighty Book of Boosh, and what a corker it is.

You either get their humour or you don't, there can be no middle ground. Sam and I are hopeless fools, quoting dialogue (it's an outrage!), downloading radio versions, and doing many of Bob Fossil's ludicrous dances, such as 'The Confused Slappy Dance: Slap your face as hard as you can and look confused. Then fight the air as hard as you can with vicious punches and kicks. All of this should be done with the grace of an elk and the violence of an elk.'

Every page of this book has been lovingly rendered in immense detail; photos, cartoons, correspendence, collage, paintings, scrapbook doodlings, prose, crimps, poetry, nonsense, more nonsense, instructions and endless enthusiasm.

Every character ever featured in the show gets a look-in; Hamilton Cork, the Crack Fox, Bruno Mindhorn, Neon and Ultra, Sir Dixon Bainbridge, and all the regular favourites, I especially love Naboo's genie inspired New Balance kicks!!

These guys seem to do it all, write, perform, design and make sets, costumes, characters, music and now books. There's even a mini comic inside this hefty hardback, it's so good! 300 pages, glorious colour, texture and detail, and nominated for a best book award in the UK.

Listening to: Prince - The Everlasting Now
I would link this to youtube, but as we all know, Prince removes the audio from all videos of which he does not authorise - a pedantic man but I love him nonetheless!


Paul Overton said...

Future Saaaaiiilors! Awesome. How do I get this show?

Unknown said...

Hey Paul, they are touring the States at the moment, and their DVDs have been released there too. Happy viewing!

Elly said...

Hello! I saw your Printemps boots on the Craft website and basically fell in love. Your designs are awesome and inspiring. I wanted to comment on the Boosh post as I'm from the UK and they are maa-hoosive over here. I've seen them live twice and the first time I got to meet them. Well, I didn't meet Vince/Noel Fielding as I was too nervous (read: weak at the knees) but has a long chat with Fossil (just as weird in real life). Anyway! Glad they're making such a successful export of themselves...when will you be selling your shoes in the UK?! Looking forward to your SciFi boots :) Elly

Unknown said...

Holy Mackerel Elly, you chatted with Bob Fossil! I am so envious of your having seen the Boosh live twice, I am desperately hoping that they will visit Australia sometime soon.
We are currently going through the box set of DVDs again, up to season two now, but I must say that I really miss Bob Fossil.
By the way I would be weak at the knees to meet Vince, but that's why Howard's really my man, he's so unassuming, plus I'm a bit of a jazz maverick aswell!
Hope to unveil my sci fi boots soon, will keep you posted on any appearances of my wares in the UK.
Thanks for the visit Elly!!