Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Much more goes on around here than just shoemaking, you know.
In fact, the spring rain and sunshine have turned my garden into a verdant spectacle, as these photos demonstrate.

When these beauties grow up they will be blueberries. I rarely get any, because Leo is so adept at spotting them first thing in the morn.

Strawberries on the make. Likewise to my consumption of these, Leo is the master.

Lovely lettuce. These have been growing away all winter, I think that I prefer a winter lettuce to a summer one, much longer growing time for starters. They are so darn easy - grow lettuce people.

Monsieur cabbage. Holy shizzle, these fellas have tripled in size since rain and sun have been arriving in equal quantities.

Pak Choy gone to seed, but the bees love 'em. There is a beehive in the neighbourhood, and I always let something go to seed. Earlier the broccoli was all a-flower, and the bees were so laden with pollen, their knee bags were bulging!

This above pic also has some are-they-ready-yet leeks. I love to grow leeks, but geez they take a long time. Some of mine are almost ready, and brown onions, and garlic too! We also have broad beans, carrots, cauliflower, and loads of flowers and herbs.

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meetmeatmikes said...

Wow. You've been GROWING a lot of THINGS! Cool! Can't wait to see what else you've been GROWING lately, Emma!