Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Had a mighty fine day on Saturday, at the beautiful Experimedia space at the Sate Library. Oh boy was it a great vibe, really gorgeous serene vast-ceilinged room, with many patrons oohing and aahing over the collective genius of so many talented makers.

I was lucky enough to share tables with Victoria Mason and Dearne of Mainichi, we had many a laugh and much lively banter. I hardly sat down all day, talking to customers and hearing them exclaim, 'Hey look at those postage stamps in belts! ' Many older gentlemen thought that my stamps should be in albums, but their wives all agreed with me that it was good to get them out and show them off, they are so pretty and interesting. Vive la Postage Belt!

Anyway lets have loads more markets like this, lively and lucrative, and with such a huge amount of amazing practitioners. Truth be told we were so busy it was hard to get away and perve at other stallholders' wares, but we did manage to get a glimpse here and there.

Check the Craft Vic blog for more images and reports in coming days. Yay Kim Brockett - she's a gem!

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