Monday, January 11, 2010

Le Weekend

Phew, I'm remembering to pace myself, which at the moment means a rather slow time. Lots of water, oh and we got a soda stream for instant soda water and no plastic bottles in the recycle bin (thanks Paula for being the trailblazer) - everyone should avail themselves of this fine invention.

Here's the weekend in a few pics, some of them thieved via Pip and Kate.

Leo and I at the Fitzroy Gdns free Pablo Discobar gig. It was ace, so good to get out of the house and into a lovely cool park of a Saturday evening. The lad did want to spend most of his time at the playground, not dancing with Cam and Ari, but he warmed up by the end and had stopped calling it a 'racket'. Bless.

Discussing garlic with Brendan at Daylesford Organics' Farm Gate sale yesterday. Again, great to get out of the house, go on an adventure with the boys, and have an argument with the GPS lady. I'm into ACTUAL maps and I have a great internal compass, even though I'd never been there before, I could feel it in my waters that she was wrong. So there.

We had a lovely brief hello with the D. Organics crew, picked up some pullet eggs, freshly cut rocket, (seriously - I watched Kate snip it with her scissors right there), some rhubarb and loads of garlic. Another thing to avail yourselves of - homegrown garlic.

And yes, I do like to wear a fedora, I have three and they remind me of my Grandpa George, although the colours he wore were much more subdued than mine. He always wore a waistcoat too, except on a crankingly hot day, where you could sometimes glimpse him in a short sleeved shirt and no tie. Dapper gent he was.

I have also been mastering the art of the French Braid, in an attempt to keep my bouffant hair under control. I can't say that it's neat in a Sweet Valley High kind of way, but hey I've got curls, when is it ever neat?

Have been meaning to plant these snapdragons, along with loads of other stuff, but they would just get frazzled, so they're sheltering in my kitchen windowsill for now. Mighty cheerful too.

Last but not least, dyeing aida cloth navy for my delicious new Printemps spats. I used two packs, and stirred away for half an hour over a hot pan. Where have the little circular Dylon dyes gone? Couldn't find them at Spotlight, only a tres expensive packet version, so I went low-budget with the Rit. And who the heck dyes things in their washing machine? Navy? Really?

There you have it folks. We're off to the museum now to stay cool.

Listening to: RRR - they really are floating my boat this morn.


pen said...

I'm with you on the internal compass and real maps!
Also Rit better and cheaper than dylon (dylon=the devil). Hope the navy came out right.

Kate said...

Oh yay it was so ace to meet you guys.

Louise Dalton said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Emma! Yes that Saganaki with fig sauce is to die for! There are no greek restaurants in Alice prings, so I am going to have to find my own recipie for this treat! By the way, your shoes are insane, (in a really good way!) Lou X

Mainichi said...

Hey Em the little Dylon pots you can still get from chemists (and Spotlight sometimes does have them). Interesting what Miss Pen said about Rit....I still think they are all evil but what to do when you want a rich colour?!

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