Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh yes please!

  • Soaking and sorting over 1000 Queenies picked up at Camberwell Market last Sunday.
  • Drinking tea from thrifted cup and saucer sets.
  • Listening to the cricket; what a strange Sydney test this one is.
  • Loads of laundry.
  • Assisting Leo as he requires a specific Lego piece to make a battleship airplane.
  • Cleaning the fish tank - one of my goldfish has gone silver, apparently it happens.
  • Planting more salad leafy things in the garden.
  • Sorting things to go to the op-shop.
  • Packing away the Xmas decorations.
  • Sorting through a whole pile of ancient shoemaking stuff, generously given to me by a random stranger - more on this later.
  • Eating pistachio vanilla nougat.
  • Loving life, serenity now!

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