Thursday, April 22, 2010

Five Faves

Frankie Magazine
Pip's project is ace, Gemma's smiley self and home are gorgeous, the vintage caravans are on my wishlist.

Autumn leaves down Rathdowne St
Balmy sunny days combined with leaf flurries, beautiful autumn colour and thoughts of cosy times to come.

Crochet for babies
Got me some baby yarn from the Bendigo Woollen Mills. 200gm balls are extra generous and so well priced. Ruby and Junior Navy for a dress for my lil' girl. Pattern from this styling Golden Hands book.

Dirty Jobs/ Masterchef
Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs is our main man, he's on ABC2 at 6:30 weeknights, getting dirty in so many witty ways and teaching us stuff to boot. I am not shy to say that he is hugely crush-worthy, and I am more than willing to be flexible on dinner times and eating locations in order to catch this show.
Don't need to say much about Masterchef, except that Leo got out of bed to come and watch the first night, he was that excited. He wants to try making a Beef Wellington. Good luck!

Beci Orpin's show at Lamington Drive
We love Lam Drv, and try to catch every show there. Likewise we love Gorker. And who doesn't love Beci Orpin, especially a colour-loving spectrum-crazed woman such as myself? Hoping to get one of these beauties as a well-deserved Mother's Day present for myself. Because I'm worth it.

Just thought I'd mention that I typed this one-handed under a sleeping babe, it only took half an hour!


Claire said...

Oh my goodness - how good are those knit/crochet kids pants? Love 'em (and your blog). xx

dani said...

Hi Emma, I'm trying to learn shoemaking so find your blog very inspiring. Check this site of fab trainers, esp the Puma spectrum which I'm sure you'll love love love.
Keep up the good work.
Dani, London England

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Emma
I'm with you on all those -- except I haven't been able to catch DIrty Jobs -- yet! I dream of both a pretty caravan (which one??) and a pair of crochet pants, or at least the time to try and make them.
Saw your gorgeous belt in The Age -- you GO!

Sass said...

I really like this post. Particularly impressive that it was done one handed! I think it's time I visited Rathdowne Street again. Thank you for the lovely reading.