Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Faves

Hot water bottle.
I have to admit that as the sun goes down I get a little touch of melancholia, thinking of my no-doubt sleepless nights ahead with Hazel. Being up during the night with a baby feels so darn lonely, but one of the things that makes it better is my trusty hot water bottle, encased in an old and much loved chinese silk cover. Aaah, thank you hot water bottle.

Knee high socks.
I have posted before about my love of socks, especially knee highs. Jo recently sent me a pair from Japan which are fabulously resplendent with red and blue hounds-tooth pattern. Am in denial that they need washing....

David Sedaris.
Oh boy, what's not to love about Mr Sedaris? I was lucky enough to see him at Hamer Hall a few months ago, how great it is to share a laugh with a packed theatre of happy folk. As it turns out I am laughing so much reading 'When You Are Engulfed In Flames' that I interrupt Hazel while she's feeding. She gives me a look of disdain each time my chortles distract her from her task. Sorry babe.

Small, portable, easy to peel, nutritious, sweet and sour - let's face it, mandarines are the most cheerful fruit.

Breastfeeding and cardigans are the perfect combination. I can no longer wear dresses, but my cardis are coming in very handy right now. The red woolly op-shopped one is my fave, am also in denial that it needs washing.....

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what a great great top five that is! I still haven't read any David Sedaris is a terrible thing (I have his sisters book tho which I love!)
glad you are still managing to post to the outside world at this busy tiring wonderful time in your life!