Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grandma Lucy

This is my maternal Grandma Lucy, in her late teens, being goofy somewhere in Murray Bridge, South Australia. I'm guessing that this photo was taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

I love it so much, for so many reasons. Old family photos tend to be rather severe and posed, but here is Lucy playing the fool and looking so happy and natural. She was reported to have been a very feisty, stylish and humorous woman, and although I got to see her many times once we arrived from the UK in 1978, I never really got to know her, as she had dementia long before I was born.

I tend to take after my father in the looks and physique department, but I can always see the resemblance in photos of Lucy; this one is so much like me, I may as well have dressed up and posed for the photo myself.

Alas, I wish I had known her, or been her friend back in the day, to have shared a joke with Lucy Monaghan would have been a fine thing, and I'm so glad that my kids know their Granny Colleen.


pen said...

she does look a lot like you- or rather you look like her
great photo!

debby emadian said...

I love this....what an amazing photograph....I wonder who the photographer was? Obviously someone fun too.....