Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring things

Girlie can roll now, and spread the dribbly goodness all over the place - methinks teeth are not far away. She is a funny gal, keeping me rather busy and ensuring that I get to bed early.

We have been baking up a storm, including this black sticky gingerbread cake. Oh yeah - full of molasses and spices.

In a rare moment Hazel slept for three hours the other day, which was so lovely, as Leo and I got to really hang out together. We participated in some tea drinking, got out the paint with water books and I wielded my glue stick and stamp collection for a new project.

Did you used to have paint with water books? I loved them , in fact I still do, just remember not to dip your brush in the tea cup!

So that's us for another couple of weeks, still no government, but it's nice and quiet not hearing the pollies' annoying voices so much. Enjoy your early spring, we are loving the blossoms and bees, longer daylight hours and sun-dried laundry.


Little Paper Trees said...

I think i'm inspired to go bake me some gingerbread cake, yum!

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