Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Sick kids = days at home = potential cabin fever

But not today because of the following:

Delicious cups of Lady Grey

Her play mat, courtesy of my pal Paula (these divine quilts are now at Meet me at Mike's)

His play mat, festooned with his favourite plastic

Rising sourdough fruit loaf

Tabi socks and zori

My final huge haul of broad beans, making way for summer plants (the broadies' destiny includes being smashed up with s&p, olive oil, garlic and parmesan, and spread on toast)

Huuuge strawbs, seems that they enjoyed the spring rain thus far.

And yay for snotty Hazel having a big daytime sleep, humidifier does the trick once more!

Listening to: The Blackbyrds - Wilford's Gone



You know that day doesn't look half bad. You've inspired me to pull out a nice cup for some Darjeeling! Ramona x

Kate said...

Its all looking good from here...well, except for the thongs with socks thing!! What's with that?? We have rules against that sort of behaviour in our house. Hope you're doing good Mrs. XX

Unknown said...

Kate, it's a Japanese thing! I love socks and thongs, or sandals, and I have about 20 pairs of tabi socks. Next time I see you I'm going to wear my bestest combo and taunt you with them!