Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In the studio

Yes I have been in the studio! Wow, what a reunion, snatching little moments in there during the day while Hazel sleeps. It's rather tricky managing my time now that I have an official day job, or should I say a night job.

After the kids go to bed I am at the computer coding press articles for Media Monitors. It's a good earner, and I am keeping informed on certain topics (oh Public Transport is soooo riveting) but it sure does stretch my days into long ones.Here's a resident of the studio, it has become a home to many spiders in my absence, and this one is a beauty. She is waiting near her eggs for them to hatch, I am dreading the spiderlings getting into everything but I don't begrudge them a good start to life.

Anyhoo, here's what has been getting me into the studio, Helen's Oxfords. Poor Helen has been waiting so long, and I hate to admit that there will be more waiting before her feet get to step into them. However, the pattern is cut, and as of yesterday the upper/lining is cut.

She has chosen some gorgeous leather, creamy coloured and soft yet robust, I am really looking forward to lasting these. There is a great texture to it as well, a beautiful crazed crackle as you can see in this next photo.

Here are the lasts I'm using, they are so divine, old school and with some great curves to them. It's always a pleasure to use wooden lasts, the new ones are all plastic, they are quite heavy and a bit lacking in character and soul.

I got this pair years and years ago when I was still a shoemaking student in Adelaide, we visited an old makers' workshop as he was getting rid of a lot of stuff. I scored a few pairs of old lasts, stacked leather heels, and general bits & bobs.

They are perfect for Helen's long, elegant feet. Instead of being hinged like the new lasts, the cone comes off when you press a hidden spring, Leo thinks that this is such fun to do, he is constantly pressing the little button and clicking the cone section on and off.

My feet are also waiting to get into these Golf Brogues, I have had them on the go for longer than I care to admit. The pattern is almost done, I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist, I am still agonising over millimeters!

Happy inspiration always helps.

Meanwhile the lemon-scented gums outside the studio window do their traditional December thing of shedding bark. Such a contrast in colour and texture.

Hope that you are inspired and industrious too. Don't forget to get some rest though! I should add that to my list.....

Listening to: The Daktaris - Super Afro Beat


Janine said...

Oh yay! So glad you've been able to get some shoe stuff done... it's looking incredible, looking forward to seeing the finished products. That cream leather is gorgeous. I need to go leather shopping...
Loving those wooden lasts too.

Thanks for the info on that blue shoe by the way!

Toru said...

Oh my goodness - are you in Melbourne? I'm trying to work out how big that spider is? Yes a thing of beauty but eeeekk!
By the way, those golf brogues are looking cool :)