Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recent acquisitions

These items are a bit overdue for posting, but better late than never, right?
There has been a lot of action at our place, Leo started school, I had a birthday, Sam installed a show in Gippsland, and we had a visit from Granny.

When Granny comes to stay we always go to Camberwell Market. She loves books, and has piles of them all over her house waiting for when she retires in a few months. So she stocks up BIG TIME at Camberwell.

I had a great morn there too, I was stopped in my tracks by this Japanese lacquer document box with GOLD inlay, and absolutely had to have it. $30-a bargain! I actually lost Leo because I was looking at this, biggest panic I have ever felt, but to have them both with me now is perfect.

Lo and behold all my treasures also from the market, a tin from Ryn, turquoise suede travel documents wallet, slippers for when Hazel is walking, Brambly Hedge books for her, paper bad of goodies from L'Uccello during the week, and postal treats from Jo in Japan. Joy.

We freaking love Richard Scarry round here, and have had out eyes out for the whole Look and Learn Library, hardback, 1971, 4 Volumes, hard to find. Ebay helped me out, postage and all the set was $60, more joy. Leo and I are working our way through them, the illos are so cool, I adored RScarry as a kid, and am more than happy to live in that world again now that I am a parent.

OK, so this was hard to photograph on my own, and I have pinched some photos from Mariana's etsy store. This is a gobsmackingly amazing tunic, crocheted in Argentina by the most talented Mariana, in spectrum colours with navy blue. Merino wool. Gorgeous. Turns heads. Ordered by Sam for mein geburtstag. Pictured below with a black border, but you know how pedantic I am about my navy blues.

Sam is cottoning onto this birthday treats thing, a lavishly wrapped box of T2 herbal/fruit/tisanes. DELICIOUS.

And more japanese paper for the stash.

Listening to: Sharon Jones - Window Shopping longer album version here


Helen said...

tick, tick, tick. A very nice list of recent acquisitions.
T2, Richard Scarry, Japanese paper, Sharon Jones - love them all

quiltjude said...

That crocheted top is amazing, the colours are brilliant, love your blog too :)

Unknown said...

HI! It was such a relief to find your blog (and not some boring housewife's or religious fanatic's blog) as I hit the 'next blog' button..thanks for being cool!

Toru said...

Oooh lots of lovely photos - I've kept all my Richard Scarry books and that crochet vest is beautifully done.