Thursday, September 29, 2011


One day I will have a dedicated room just for books.

Hazel removes all the book from our shelves, on a daily basis, I have almost given up on reshelving them.

I do get a bit cross with the constant leaf litter of books all over the floor, but she is so sweet when she brings you yet another book to read. She looks up at you enquiringly and gives the book to you and then climbs onto your lap for a story. And repeat!

Sam and I have been talking about what our dream house would be like: I am a maximalist, he is a minimalist, so I guess built in storage is the answer for us.

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Steve said...

... there must be a bit of a yin/yang thing when it comes to well matched couples and their decoration desires. Given the chance Dani would have a neat, tidy, clean and minimal house with a handful of curated ornaments.
Given free reign I'd create something that looks like the Chapel St Bazaar, only with more musical instruments and speakers filling every free spot.

We have often joked that when (ha!) we build our own house I will get to have my hidden 'brown room' that I can fill with vintage crap, and the rest of the house will be nice and tidy.

We have books too, so many books... in stacks all over the place. not enough shelves in our rental house!