Friday, October 14, 2011


A word on the timber sandals I wore in yesterday's post, they are by the fabulous Chicago label Mohop. Annie Mohaup is an architect who started making these amazing sandals herself, eventually they became so popular that the orders were backing up, and now she has outsourced the production.

I ordered mine a few months ago, I have the low cherry slides, and I adore them because they are so easy to customise. When you order them you have a choice of ribbon packs, with 5 different ribbons included in each pack. There are neutrals, solid colours or stripes, and she also offers sari ribbons. Some days I wear them with navy ribbons, some days red, some days as a slide, other days as an ankle tie. I wear them with socks, tights or bare feet, they are the BEST!

Her postage is fast, her designs are so comfy, so put them on your Xmas list!

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Janine said...

Thanks for posting this link Emma, I LOVE them and may be sending a not-so-subtle hint to the Mr for a Christmas idea...