Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On my bedside table

This is what makes me truly happy, a surplus of FABULOUS reading material. To be honest, not all of these are on the bedside table; some are on the kitchen table for perusal over toast and a cup of tea, some are in the lounge room draped over the side of the couch. I am a binge reader, trying to consume it all at once in a frenzy.

From the top we have:
100 Shoes - Completely worthy of its own post, I will be onto that soon. Gorgeous pics, love love love.

No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency - Mr Alexander McCall Smith can do no wrong, he is prolific and I am enjoying this series. Loving the HBO series being screened on ABC1 at the mo, esp Jill Scott as Ma Ramotswe, cape sleeves and beautiful colours.

The Slap - I'm re-reading this, a character per week as I watch it on ABC1. Loved the book, am equally loving the series, and it's great to re-visit the book, fleshing each episode out a bit more.

Make Hey! - Ms Pip Lincolne has done it again, so much colour, cheer and inspiration. I don't even sew fabric, but she has got me considering it, that bicycle seat cover could be good!

Dumbo Feather - I adore this mook, the new editorial team have done us loyal readers proud, this is always a nutritious read.

Frankie - Seems jam-packed with more pages this issue, has anyone else noticed? Compulsory market research, generally a bit too whimsical for my tastes, but some great content. We love the poster/wrapping paper/calendar, I have a linen press lined in different papers from Frankie.

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