Monday, August 13, 2012

Art Fair

Yes indeed, the kidlets and I trundled off to the Art Fair last weekend and had a colourful time. I love seeing everything from their perspective, while trying to ignore the wanky arty pretentious folk.

Here are some of our faves, alas we didn't pay attention to a lot of the artists, I blame Hazel who moves too fast for a Mama to read the titles on each work. We are point and shoot people!

 Kate Bergin sold her entire show, and it's not surprising to see why. Gorgeous. She was sharing a stand with the one and only Deborah Halpern. Deborah's work was so shiny and clean and colourful, a great hit with the kids.

 This work required close examination, there were so many little plastic toys and glittery things, and quite a lot of willies, as Leo soon discovered.

 The plasticene free for all, we stayed and made a few contributions to the display, as Hazel prowled along looking for things to destroy.

Sam didn't have any work there this year, he is making work for a new show in Sydney in October. Hence my current art widow status.

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