Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Artist Profile Issue 20

My beloved Sam is featured in the latest issue of Artist Profile magazine. We hunted down our copy at Readings the other day and Hazel proudly announced 'That's my Daddy!' to all the staff at the front counter.

The interview is a transcribed conversation with Sam, I hope you can read it from these images.


Toru said...

Hi Emma. What beautiful work. You must be so proud of him.
I love that tattoo torso. Any blerb you can share about that?
I will look out for anything he has happening in Melbourne.

Unknown said...

Hi Toru,
The work you are referring to is the 'Tattooed Woman' from 2007. There are more images on his website samjinks.com
His next show is in Sydney in Oct, I'll keep you posted!

Evie said...

friggin' amazing! - im lost for other words right now : ) x evie