Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bits and pieces

 A lot going on in the studio these past weeks, retailers needing their Xmas stock, coinciding with a craft stall at school this past Saturday, finished off with a BIG sewing job for Steve.

These Xmas Owls have been sent off to Craft Vic and Artisan.

Likewise these Xmas gift tags, using old postage stamps from all over the world. I love seeing all the different imagery, there are some great Xmas stamps out there, mostly from Europe and the US.

Recycled plastic mayhem! I have got all my school pals scavenging through their cupboards etc for colourful plastic. None of us can go to the supermarket again without closely examining the colours of the bottles, lids and containers.

We have been assembling components into rings and bracelets with a flower motif, using a split pin to hold everything together. The bracelets have press studs set into the ends.

This was loads of fun, and we will be making more in different designs for boys. I really enjoyed cutting the components and getting everyone to assemble them, I seem to have a compulsion to poke holes into things and join them to other things!

Take this keyring, for example.
Old circuit boards from electrical goods, use a heat gun to knock off all the resistors etc, cut into smaller pieces on the bandsaw, sand the corners off, drill a hole, attach a split ring and keyring clasp - too easy!

 My beautiful studio helper. Holy crap she has grown! She is very chatty, and good at using scissors.

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