Monday, November 26, 2012

Production run

I made a sample of this sunnies case a few weeks ago, and have only just managed to get a few on the go. The leathers I'm using are all floral, some are patent, some embossed, the above photo shows a lovely faux-antique crackle leather.

I've had the magnetic closures for years but only just stumbled across them again, and knew they'd be perfect for this project. The felt is from Spotlight in one of their buy-the-roll specials, BTW Brunswick Spotlight is closing down - gasp - so get in for some bargains. I will miss that store regardless of the mess and long waits to get served.

OK, time to go, I've had to plonk Hazel in front of the ipad for an episode of Peppa Pig, and they are not long in duration!

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Anna Zagala said...

It's so nice to catch up on your blog after a month with my head elsewhere. Thanks Emma! X anna