Monday, January 7, 2013

Summer antics

 This is Coco at 4 mths, she is a bit bigger now, but still terribly cute. Very obliging when Hazel carries her around like a scarf. And this is my awesome poncho picked up at an oppy in Bondi.

 Sam's work in Vogue Living, he has a few pieces going to the Singapore Art Fair at the end of this week, hence his non-stop working over Xmas :(

 Hot weather calls for lacy fans....

 ....and icecream moustaches!

 Kids painting with optional clothing, and dressing up in Doctor kit while wearing a bike helmet, as you do.

 Gorgeous Meg, our naughty tortie, she is 5mths and such good company.

Hero pose III, or Virabhadrasana III, demonstrated here by the one and only BKS Iyengar.

We are all barefoot and busy, the kids are staying up way too late, in fact one is still roaming the hallway now even though she hasn't had a sleep today. I'm reading Buddhism for Mothers and am ready to learn some mindful parenting, although my old shouty habits are hard to break, and I seem to have taught Hazel that shouting is where most conversations end up. Whoops.

I have a lot of Media Monitors work on at the mo, ironically when I have NO childcare at all, somehow Sam and I are still working like crazy people while everyone else is lolling about. I have been coding press clips for ABS Census, and can tell you that Mandarin has overtaken Italian as the second most spoken language in Australian homes and that more people are ticking the 'no religion' box. I am still a Jedi. My next job is reading clips for Coca Cola, all about caffeine, rather depressing accounts of teenagers consuming ridiculous amounts of energy drinks and wondering why they feel like they're about to die of heart failure.

I have been getting back into yoga again but can't make it to many classes due to the family schedule, plus I'm a bit broke. A treasured friend put me onto Yogaglo, a site where you can stream yoga classes of all styles, duration and level of difficulty, and I'm smitten. Since then I've done a class each day, and am determined to keep it up and make serious progress. Headstand aplenty - Namaste!

Hope that you are all recovering from the end of 2012, and have your mojo flowing for this year.
Let me know what you're up to, are you also watching too much Peppa Pig?
Are you also having days where you forget to shower?
Have you thought of taking your peeps to the Coburg Drive-in? It's super-cheap and fabulously retro, we have been three times in a week.
Can I suggest you make icypoles with coconut cream, pineapple juice and mint?
Or you could drink frangelico, dark rum, lime and ginger beer while you make recipes from Jamie's 15 minute meals (at my place they are 50 minute meals with 30 mins clean-up afterwards, but they are sooo tasty!)
More soon xxx

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