Monday, February 18, 2013

Keeping to a theme


I'm in the studio today, sweating it out under my hot tin roof. I will have to abandon the 'shed' for the comfort of the house in a while, the afternoon sun streams in the west-facing windows and will melt me in a way that hot yoga has yet to do.

I'm working on a commission for a few belts, using some of these stamps, but before I separate them I had to share them with you.

The top one is from Japan, fabulous colours, sweet naive style. Then a grand stamp from Hungary (Magyar), it is a whopper, and really well illustrated. The blue is slightly metallic. Finally a strip from DPR Korea, I don't have a lot of Korean stamps and these are so cute. Great cartoony style, vibrant colours and I always love to see traditional costumes.

So now I'll arrange them into a story to be stitched into a belt, will show the finished product in a few weeks when this project is out in full. It's a bit secret at the mo.

Three cheers for wonky, blurry scanned images!

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