Monday, February 4, 2013

Right now!

Hi there, welcome to my studio! Today I am lasting a pair of boots, the old-fashioned way.

These are the tools I use to last any uppers. If they are on my desk all at once it means - BUSINESS TIME! You can see the lasts on the left, with appropriate build-ups for this client.
The uppers are pulled over the lasts with pincers, and then wrapped over the insole and held in place with tacks. The pincers are a combination of pliers and hammer, in this image I'm using them as a hammer. Tap tap tap.

And here they are being used as pliers. I keep the tacks in my mouth and pull them out when I need them (a very old-school method), the face I am making in this pic is because I'm fishing around in my mouth for a tack. Tasty.

The toe stiffeners are on, I'm painting them with adhesive so that they form one layer when the upper is pulled over.

The upper is all lasted, held in place with tacks, and here I'm hammering down the pleats. The boots will stay like this for a day or two, then once they are dry I can start to clean them up and get ready for soling.


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Stephen said...

You have an amazing talent to be able to be able to make boots from scratch! I'd enjoy learning more about the process. And, how in the world do you keep the tacks in your mouth and not poke yourself?