Thursday, October 10, 2013

After Market

Wow - almost a week since Finders Keepers, what a whirlwind it was!
I was situated under the domed roof,  my neighbours were the lovely Jo and Andy from Olive and the Volcano, they had driven all the way from Byron Bay with 3 kids in tow.

I debuted my Christmas collection, which was too early for most punters, but at an 'event' market, as opposed to a regular market, I figured I would show everything. Surprisingly I sold a few Christmas pieces, and had the love from the organised Christmas folk!

Hazel and Leo came to play shops for a while, Haze insisted on bringing her cash register which was quite a prop. She started interrogating the customers so I eventually sent her off to the Museum with Granny.

I still have a few pieces in stock, so if you were keen on anything let me know, I'll post pics of available stock ASAP.

Apologies for updating so late, since the market I have been catapulted back into domesticity and parenting. There's only so long you can outsource childcare for, the little blighters now need their Mama for a while.

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Sally said...

Your stall looks wonderful!

... I hope one of these days I'm in melbourne when a market is on.