Monday, July 20, 2015

Victorian Craft Award

Hello there!

I'm thrilled to announce that I am a finalist in the inaugural Victorian Craft Award.

The Victorian Craft Award is Victoria’s largest exhibition of craft artists, showcasing excellence and innovation across all mediums. The exhibition will run across four venues, from 1-15 August, 2015.

leather, EVA foam, polyester thread
300 x 240 x 130mm
$3,300 (calculated to retail)
ARTIST STATEMENTEmma Greenwood’s younger years were influenced by healthy doses of hiphop and bike messengering, which gave her a huge love of sneakers.  A handmade sneaker is a rare and coveted item, and Emma’s intention as a craftsperson has always been to elevate the sneaker from a mass-produced, disposable fashion trend to that of the handcrafted, customised and precious.  There are very few makers of handmade sneakers in the world, most shoemakers veer to the purer menswear staples of hand-welts, but Emma sees no reason why traditional techniques can’t be used to produce a sleekly futuristic feel.  Queens is both a reference to the borough of New York City, which played a major role in the birth of hiphop, and a nod to the artists who collaborated on this piece, Emma Greenwood and Nish Cash.  Nish is one of Australia’s best aerosol artists; she is also a workshop facilitator and arts officer who has had a prolific output over the last 20 years. Nish’s graffiti moniker is ‘Ishk’, and she has lent a classic outline for Emma to use in the design of these sneakers.

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