Thursday, January 10, 2008

Well lookie here!

After living in blogland vicariously through some of my fave sites, I've taken the plunge and here I am!
I wouldn't call myself a luddite exactly, but somehow things always end up so complicated on the computer, give me a hammer any day. So forgive my teething dramas, I will no doubt be asking for advice along the way.

My background is in handmade footwear, and I use a lot of textile skills, ie knitting, crochet, embroidery to produce both footwear and accessories. I don't do a lot of work with fabric, the fray factor annoys me so, that's why I love leather. I guess it's fair to say that I'm into sculptural work, very three dimensional, and I often have to re-invent the wheel to construct things.

I'm currently parenting a fabulous three year old, Leo, and as he heads off into the world of kindy my output will steadily increase, fingers crossed! It is a battle to get creative time around here, my partner is a sculptor and the very definition of a workaholic. He's a Virgo Ox if that means anything to anyone.

Before I became a Mum I was completely addicted to Capoeira, I wish I still had the time, but I'm trying! I'm hooked up with the awesome Muzenza group, who are very inspirational and whose company I crave. Any opportunity I get to move my booty with them is siezed upon, I am waiting for training to recommence for the new year.

So here's to meeting you all, sorting out this crazy blog posting bizznezz, asking questions and getting answers.
I've included a photo of my drawer of shoemaking tools, looks like something from Grandpa's shed but I can assure you they produce some amazing items.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Emma. Really interesting, keep it up.