Friday, January 18, 2008

O Meu Deus!

Am staggering around with a sore body, training has well and truly resumed!

One of the reasons I love capoeira so much is that it's a whole body workout, but when you've been out of the loop even for a week it's agony at first.

We have our Batizado, which is a grading and celebration of achievements and progress, on the 1st of March, so it's full steam ahead, and I'm determined to work as hard as possible. Unfortunately the slightest injury can really set you back, so it's a fine line between working hard and working too hard.

On Wednesday we do music, acrobatics and a roda, it's always so inspiring to hear our voices together. With my child-bearing hips I often find acrobatics so difficult, but we did these awesome au walkovers (au is a cartwheel) which I can actually do! So I might practice those and add them to my repertoire.

Forearms are aching from the over exuberance in class, legs are dead, feet are punished, but I am so addicted!

So I'm trying to chase Leo around, grimacing a bit here and there, working on a few projects, compiling a never ending to do list which loks a bit like this:
- sample and instructions for Pip
- finalise patterns for cowhide project (more on this later)
- organise wedge soling for Hong Kong sandals
- wet mold insoles
- finish trainers
- assist my plants in their quest for moisture
- entertain Leo
- voraciously consume tennis and cricket results

Will let you know how it all goes, now where's my arnica cream?

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