Monday, February 25, 2008

We came, we saw, we conquered

We were told we had an endurance test, no clues, no venue, some of us no sneakers, no breakfast, meeting at 10 am on Sunday in Richmond. Apparently it was meant to take us 25 mins to get to the secret location, in real time with plenty of roadwork detours it took an hour, destination Mt Dandenong, poor Formiginha and Pular Muita squished in the back with my son's carseat!

So the task turned out to be a brisk climb up the 1000 Steps Kokoda Memorial trail, very slippery and steep, too busy concentrating on the steps too look at the beautiful ferns. At the top we jogged uphill and then down, Lorem scampering along in his half jog, half fast walk, like a monkey on a mission. The loop was about 800 mtrs, and we did it 6 times in total. It was worth the uphill to get to the breezy downhill, the wet clear air, fragrant in a way that is incredibly nutritious, and good for the soul.

After some stretching and a strange ear massage/torture session from Arroz, for dessert we had 240 x 2 push ups, 240 x 2 tricep dips, and 240 x 2 situps. All in a days' work! Formiginha then declared that he felt fit, which was endlessly amusing, and at the bottom of the hill we congratulated ourselves with some rousing speeches.

The best part was the tiny Ferntree Gully market on the way home, we stopped off and got delicious apples, raspberries, fresh nori rolls and cakes, the perfect rewards for our efforts.
It took us hours longer then expected but was well worth it, hey we're worth it, and lets hope that there are many more!

I though that my knees would seize up yesterday afternoon, but I pushed through with some late afternoon gardening, and today am surprisingly still able to walk. The hip flexors are a bit twangy, and I'm sure that tomorrow I will be bed ridden.

It's a big week, workshops, hopefully a kick ass music session on Wednesday, last week I finally figured out how to play berimbau and sing, what joy! On Saturday our Batizado is in Brunswick, 12pm at the Playspace on Albert St, so expect to see a lot more pics this week. Energia!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Raspberries, Mummy stuff, Capoiera and Leather. It's so wrong that it's right!