Friday, March 21, 2008

Order and progress

Well it's been a time of cork dust in my studio, sanding these babies into shape. The words of my teachers are always in my mind; work each stage methodically from one to the other, keep everything in straight lines, planes, take off sharp edges/add curves at the very last step.

I think that they are done, and ready to be covered. The cover pattern looks quite bizarre, but so do so many shoemaking patterns. I have such a great idea for the socks (bits that cover the insole as a last finishing touch), wish I could tell you now but it'll have to wait till the unveiling!

I only wish I had these done before the cooler weather set in, we had 40 degrees here on Monday, now I have my woolly slippers on and am reaching for one of my many nanna crochet rugs!

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meetmeatmikes said...

ooh.. these are a corker! It was chilly, wasn't it?! I am most excited we just got an oven.. and I am going to bake biscuits and brownies.. just so Leo can have something without ARNOTTS stamped on it when he comes over!