Friday, March 14, 2008


After all this time let me elaborate on the cowhide project. A capoeira pal of mine, the lovely and very tall Helen, has been working for the artist Angus McDonald, who has made a lot of work about cows and bulls. He has done some furniture upholstered in cowhide, and when he found out through Helen that I am a shoemaker it was obvious that he had to have some cowhide footwear and a bikini (of course!).These were shown in an earlier post, they have been titled 'Alicante'.

These babies are called 'Marcella', and have a cork platform at the front, and the handmade heels shown earlier.

Piece de resistance, 'Andressque' after Ursula Andress in Dr No. ('Scuse the studio backdrop)

The show is called 'Snort!' and opened on the 11th March at Tim Olsen Gallery in Woollahra, it runs till the 30th.


meetmeatmikes said...

Oh! My! Goodness! Fantastic!

boobook said...

that is amazing!!
Nice work!

meetmeatmikes said...

Ah.. I wish I was a Woollahran.. then I could go. I am extremely thrilled about our 'great minds'! I think we will be having many G-S reconnaissance missions in the streets of Melbourne looking for inspiration! Of course you had already thought of it! But it makes me happy that I was (following slowly) behind you! Yours will be GORGEOUS - of course.. and mine will be dinky-di! xx