Tuesday, May 6, 2008


At the moment I'm using my jewellery pliers to join bits'n'bobs together, and I must say it's damn fiddly! How do you jewellers do it? Plus my eyesight is fatigued from looking at tiny things so closely, it's all a bit intense! I have also realised that my hands and fingernails are far from ladylike, in fact they are downright tradeswoman-ish. There goes my career as a hand model. I love what a person's hands say about the nature of their work, as a shoemaker mine are pretty trashed.

I do still harbour a desire to learn gold & silversmithing, I did a short course at NMIT but that co-incided with morning/all bloody day sickness, so I didn't give it my full attention. I do love a bit of hands on learning, still fancy a bit of millinery, maybe some upholstery, I'm seeing a theme here.

Now that I'm 34 and liberated from the higher education system, I don't really have 3-4 years to spend dutifully completing another degree, maybe the CAE have a course for me? They often surprise me with the range of courses available, I used to teach capoeira there and see all sorts of interesting classes on. Will put that on my list of things to investigate this week.


pen said...

that's my fingers at the moment- dye stained, no fingernails, cuts and blisters
a doctor once operated on my hands, he was fascinated by the fact that he could tell I worked with my hands, he liked the stories they told

Unknown said...

Yes, I agree, hands are so fascinating. Let's get an exhibition of hand photos, and try to match the hands with the profession!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh-I know what you mean about the pliers. Every time I sit down to work on a piece I ask myself what I think I'm doing with the tempermental things.