Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today is chilly, there's no doubt that winter is arriving. I am a lover of all seasons, and so am excited at all the wintry things going on here. For starters, the sandals and slip dresses are all put away in the big cupboard, and I've pulled out boots, woolly jumpers, and all my most favourite tights and knee high socks.

My studio is damn cold, so I've been working at the kitchen table , heater on, huge pot of soy chai, listening to Abdullah Ibrahim and some Paul Grabowsky, I do love my jazz. I find it to be such good music for creativity, maybe it's the lack of lyrics, the improv, the mathematical randomness, subtlety mixed with repetition, it gets me every time.

My beau and boy have snotty noses and loose coughs, so there's a big pot of veg/barley soup cooking, hot water bottles are in regular use, and we have Frasier on DVD. Joy.

I love so much about winter, esp in the garden, so many people don't get out there in this weather, but there are so many things to plant and harvest. My avocado tree is just ripening, the fruit are much bigger this year. Freesias are poking their first shoots through, I also put ranunculi in the other day.

We have new sweet potatoes, fresh from the soil, there's no better feeling than getting food from garden to table in an instant.

These fine green hairs are carrot seedlings, just poking through, I'll have to thin them in a few weeks.

Broad beans, I felt like Jack and the Beanstalk planting these, and here they are 10 ish days later. Had to fence them off so that the cats don't use this bed as their loo!

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freesias- lovely