Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adelaide Days Part 2: My afternoon in Croydon

When I still lived in Adelaide Croydon was an average suburb not far from the city, on the flatlands, with a lot of great big, cheap, old houses. I wouldn't have considered it a shopping destination at all.

All that has changed, and I found myself in heaven as I strolled along two modest blocks lining either side of Elizabeth St. My shoemaking connections had let me know of another apron-wearer and hammer-wielder, Kelly, who has set up shop in Croydon. Her place is called Clubhouse Lane Boutique, and stocks a mix of vintage and new, clothing, accessories and, of course, shoes.

Had a great time playing show and tell with Kelly, and now Emerge wares are residing in her shop! Great stuff indeed.

I was also told to visit Hype and Seek, across the street, and spent a long time browsing all their amazing finds. Genevieve and Dexter call their place a vintage/retro store, with all the requisite furniture, lamps, objects, clothing, bags ( a selection pictured below), home wares - you name it, these guys have found it, collected it, and are now sharing the goodies!
I had a chat to Genevieve about my 'thing' for old-school tracksuits and parkas, sadly my collection has now dwindled to a few trusty faves.

There are more great establishments along Elizabeth St; One Small Room, Nest Studio, a fine looking florist sporting a bit of Kale, a great cafe, and the boy loved the playground near the train line!

(Muchos gracias to Leah for recommending this adventure to Croydon.)

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boobook said...

This is the first place I visit when I head to Adelaide!!
I always find something good at Clubhouse Lane Boutique!!
How great is there phone!!
Did you see that Phone!!
Glad your having a lovely time!
All of these places you listed are a must see when you visit!!
Hi to you and Leo!