Friday, June 6, 2008

Apollo Bay

Our get-away was just what the doctor ordered, as my Dad would say. Amazing weather, warmer than Melbourne, and we had none of the spooky fog that lingered in the city.

Banksias planted all over the place. Windswept conifers, nasturtiums on the beach, giant Pampas grasses (pretty, but not so native), ericas, black cockatoos, blue wrens, big noisy rosellas, and the ubiquitous pink/grey galahs.

Mushrooms growing from the side of a giant stringy bark gum, in the rain forest. The boy was pointing out every single mushroom, our forest walks were rather long as a result! That cool, nutritious air was such a tonic, everything was covered in green, I think the word is 'fecund'. Verdant would also be a suitable adjective.

My beau astounded me with his knowledge of rock pools. Being a Bendigo lad, he hasn't got the beach-going childhood history that I do, but he sure knows what's happening in the world of rock pools. We saw heaps of starfish, mussels, un-named mysterious creatures/plants such as in the above photo, and lots of tiny green crabs. Collected some great shells too.

Waterfalls aplenty, there is a lot of moisture in general down at Apollo Bay. I have never seen so many lawnmowers out; all day every day, grass footpaths, everyone walks on the road. Must be time to mow again now!

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Unknown said...

that photo of the mushrooms growing from the side of the tree is so great. you couldn't dream that! great stuff emma