Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An obsession

A couple of pics of doilies at Savers.
I have a few too many doilies but I can't stop acquiring them.
I think it's a love of circles, patterns, geometry and crochet, like a mandala which feels very complete to me.
I think I am formulating a plan to make them all into something.
Have a look in the Cottage Industry window to see some of Pene's ethereal doilies.


kate said...

Oh yes i like doilies too! Definitly think its my love of circles and patterns... I'm envious of your collection!

pen said...

I have to admit many years ago when a friend and I moved in together I told her our house was a 'doily free zone'- I think they are haunting me ! Pay-back time for all those doilies I rejected!

earl and cookie said...

i'm so with you! a litttle while ago i started to worry about all the stuff i was bringing home..(it was only coming in, i didn't seem to be removing anything!), so i stared collecting doilys cause they didn't take up too much room, you know? i have toyed with the idea of making a patchwork tablecloth (but not ordered, just nice things sewn together) and the old when-i-get-time chestnut.