Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tour de France

It's that time again, I measure my years by the Tour de France. Tonight it kicks off at 10pm, and I'm wishing Cadel Evans much luck on what is an undisputedly gruelling quest. I used to be a bike messenger, and any two wheeled action gets my vote, particularly the Tour because I did a month-long road trip around France, and fondly remember many of the locales featured in the Tour.

Seeing as there's great Tour coverage on the telly (gotta love Phil Liggert), plus it's winter, plus I hate to have idle hands, the Tour for me means a truckload of crafting. I have a whole bunch of crochet lined up, some embroidered pincushions, and lots of fiddling with small bits of leather.

These trainers are a product of the 2005 Tour, I embroidered the side panels each and every night, while watching ultra fit men with sore bums grimace and wince their way up hill and down dale.
Go lads!

Aptly these trainers are called 'Tour de France', and were entered in that years' Flinders Quarter Award, plus they made it to the TAG show at the Embroiderer's Guild in 2006. More pics on Craftbase.

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