Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On My Desk

About time for more show and tell in the studio.
- production run of Owl, Rocket and House Key Rings, lots of little bits of leather and pattern pieces,
- charms for the bling feature,
- tea cup & saucer from Grandma Betty,
- pot of Lady Grey,
- tools of the trade

Listening to Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind


Kirsty said...

Your desk looks wonderful! Glad you're playing.

Bird Bath said...

your desk looks like a busy & productive one!

Maureen Reynolds said...

I have some of those ..birdsumthin'...teapots. One is pink so it must be a girl pot; you have the boy one.

But you weren't planning on setting the whole lot ablaze were you...???

Unknown said...

Was wondering what you meant by 'setting the whole lot ablaze', then had another look at the pic and realised I should explain the inclusion of a lighter. It's actually a valuable tool for working with leather, often when you cut leather it gets a fuzzy edge - running the lighter around the work removes the fuzz and leaves a clean, sealed edge! Voila.
Love my little blue teapot, think I need the next size up too!